Radiofrequency Facial work to: reduce flabbiness, age changes, wrinkles, sluggishness of tissue, decreased tissue tone, manifestation of cellulite, and excessive accumulation of fat.

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Ultrasonic Radiofrequency Facial

The Ultrasonic Radiofrequency Facial is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure with the help of active RF impulses.

Radiofrequency Facial

Radio frequencies stimulate fibroblasts to produce natural collagen and elastin, which activate the natural processes of skin restructuring.

Only 4-7 procedures are enough to achieve good results, progressing and being held up to 2 years!

The procedure of radio frequency face lift is absolutely harmless, since it has no radiation.

The essence of the procedure is to gradually warm up the skin and bring it to a certain temperature, after which the internal processes of rejuvenation begin. During the procedure, you completely relax and enjoy.

How Does It Work?

The essence of the procedure is the high-frequency effect of current on the upper layers of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Impulses warm the collagen fibers, thereby stimulating the production of new collagen. You can see the effect of the procedure after the first sessions. The skin will become more elastic and the facial contour will be tightened.


The procedure of radiofrequency facial can be performed on any part of the face and body, that requires lifting or lipolysis. Radiofrequency facial is a non-surgical modeling of the face and figure, which will restore elasticity, narrow stretch marks, prevent sagging of the skin, and reduce the volume of fat.

Under the influence of radiofrequency pulses, blood circulation increases, metabolic processes begin to intensify, pain and muscle tension are removed, cells are saturated with oxygen, local lymphatic drainage improves. After the procedure, the cells begin to actively remove the accumulated excess fat cells, toxins and excess fluid, so there are lipolytic, modeling and draining effects. A course of 4-7 procedures is required to obtain a visible stable result, the procedures are carried out at intervals of 1 every 10-14 days.

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